Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The End of The World Really Isn't That Bad: Kim Koning and James L Hatch

'We're a day closer to 2012 and The Sun Stopped Shining Tour Blog Hop is in full force. Today I have two more fantastic authors who will answer the question: If you could leap into a book at the end of the world and spend all eternity there, what book would it be?

First is Kim Koning. Kim's YA dystopian short story: The Ring of Fire is included in an anthology of short stories entitled TALES FOR CANTERBURY 

"Survival can be achieved in the face of seemingly impossible odds, hope found in the most unexpected places, and new futures slide into view where once was nothing."

You can buy Tales For Canterbury as an ebook or in print at 

Please note 100% of all sales go to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. *What a GREAT cause. I applaud Kim for her generosity.

What book would she spend all eternity living in? 

"The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternI would love to spend the rest of time in the pages of this magical story. Without giving too much away...I would be a Re`veur. I would wear black and white with a bright red scarf. I would explore each magical tent in this story. An eternity of magic and fantastic illusion sounds like bliss to me. "

Find Kim online at the following haunts....

Open the gateway of darkness at:
She can be found Wrestling the Muse :
She can also be found on twitter @AuthorKimKoning

"I see ghosts and tell tales of their visits.
I write by the light of the moon and under the gaze of the stars.
Draw up a chair, light a candle, close the windows and let me weave you stories of darkness and gateways of light."

Second is James L Hatch. James has a compelling novel of contemporary fiction entitled AFTERMATH HORIZON 
The reason Adam and Eve’s children find mates in the biblical book of Genesis is revealed as the novel takes the reader far into the future by investigating deep into the past.

What book would James choose to live in for all eternity? 

"The Time Machine. I would love to know where technology might take us in the future, and the fate of humankind in general."

You can connect with James on Facebook and follow his blog: 


  1. Thanks for hosting us Patricia :)
    I really loved the premise of your escape from impending doom and disaster by jumping into the pages of your favourite book...even a holiday stuck in the pages of a favourite book would work :)
    Thanks again and stay safe on "The Day the Sun stopped Shining" blog tour.
    - Kim

  2. I love this tour and it's concept. This is the first I've seen with such a compelling group of people and concepts.

  3. I really enjoyed James' and Kim's answers. If I had to be stuck in a story for all eternity, it would probably be Lord of the Rings--provided I was one of the people to survive the wars, etc.