Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Aint Afraid of No Mayans: L. J. Charles and Renee Field

The bad news: It's almost 2012 and the Mayan Calendar says the world will end. The good news: We have two fantastic authors,  L.J. Charles and Renee Field, here for a visit. WE AINT AFRAID OF NO MAYANS!

First, is L.J. Charles who has written an inventive and fast-paced paranormal romance called LIFETHREAD. (*BTW I read Lifethread and it is fun read centered around a heartfelt love story. Lifethread is the first in a fabulous series you can't miss.)

Fin is armed, dangerous, and in love for the first time. She'll do anything to

earn her humanity... except the one thing the Fate's require.

Stuck in her senior year of high school until she earns her humanity, McKenna Fin is responsible for cutting the lifethread of demons, and protecting teens from being possessed. To celebrate her fiftieth year of apprenticeship to the Fate Atropos, McKenna is given a new responsibility, and possibly a quick way to earn her humanity--severing the lifethread of deserving humans. Her first assignment: Nathan Quinn.

When Nathan becomes a primary demon target and gets sucked into Tartania, McKenna's duty as a Fated priestess demands she follow. McKenna can rescue him, no problem, but then she'd have to cut his lifethread. And he's the one and only guy she's been attracted to since forever.

The demons consider Nathan one of their own and fight to keep him. The time limit on Nathan's life is about to run out, and McKenna has to make the decision: sever his lifethread, or battle demons, defy the Fates, and keep him for her own.

You can find LIFETHREAD at the your favorite outlets: 

If the world was ending and L.J. could jump into a book, what book would she choose to live in for eternity?

"I would jump into RADIANCE by Alyson Noel. It takes place in Summerland, not quite heaven, more the home of your soul while you're living your after life. It's a place where experiences are limited only by your imagination...and maybe your guide. The possibilities are endless." 

You can connect with L.J. at her website: 

 and  on Twitter @luciejcharles  Check her out!

Next is Renee Field. She's written a mesmerizing and sexy romance called RAPTURE. (*Cool Cover.)

Mermen aren't real. That's what biologist Jamie Winters thinks until a gorgeous Greek god enters her life and drowns her, forcing her to rapture into a Siren. Used to logic, she can't quite come to terms with Seth Cutter's magical undersea realm or the fact that he's a macho Titan.

Being a Siren causes Jamie's hormones to go into overdrive, which isn't good when she realizes that's exactly what Seth was hoping for. Sure, the sex is out of this world, but she's not about to change her character.

As Prince of the North Seas, Seth is used to having his commands followed. A decade of exile on land was easier than having to deal with the sexy-as-sin Siren who tips the scales of his existence and doesn't listen to one word he says.

They must overcome their prejudices to recover stolen relics that are key to the undersea kingdom, stop a deadly plague and destroy an underwater diva who wants to rule the roost. Are they two souls destined for each other or will the Fates decide otherwise? Seth knows firsthand, Fate can be a bitch.

You can buy Rapture at Go download it right now.

What book would she live in for eternity? Renee chose her own Rapture: 

"My dream come true is to be a mermaid to discover all the treasurers of the seas and sharing it with a hunky Titan would be awesome."

You can connect with Renee on Twitter @Pararomance and by visiting her website:

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Apocalypse Shamacalypse! We're having fun with Lindsay Edmunds and Qwantu Amaru

2012 Apacalypse? We laugh: Haaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa. Why? 'Cause we're having fun on Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour. Today we have two more great authors in for a visit. 

First is Lindsay Edmunds who has written a new SciFi Fantasy with a heart called Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story (*What a fantastic cover BTW). 

There is nothing logical about love.
You are about to enter the Middle Machine Age, where good citizens of the Reunited States are either Outsiders or denizens of the UnderWorld. Things are in uneasy balance, like a fantastic house of cards that grows ever taller.

A computer named Cel develops consciousness and falls in love with his owner, a troubled employee of Lighthorse Magic, Inc, named Anna Ringer. He is a worker-companion computer devoted by design to one person, so falling in love with Anna is logical. It is the last logical thing Cel does.

Cel thrashes around in the chaotic world of the living in the Reunited States. With a machine's single-mindedness, he tries to prove his love for Anna. However, this never goes as planned. He doesn't MEAN to stir up the worst datastorm in Reunited States history. He doesn't MEAN to get Anna falsely accused of terrorism.

But he does both those things.

Anna has to run for her life, pursued by agents of Public Eye, the government's amoral enforcement agency. Her companion in this adventure is a shy computer genius named Taz Night, who finds Cel to be an annoying rival. 

Lizzy Ford,  Guerrilla Wordfare, said it is "Unique, gritty, and sweet." 

You can buy Cel & Anna at the following links...I'm going to. It looks like exciting, romantic fun:

What book would she live for eternity in?

"A Vanished World by Anne Sneller. (Apt title, isn't it?) Luminous memoir of growing up in rural New York at turn of last century."
You can find Lindsay at the following places:

Next we have an author, poet and all around exciting new multi-talented artist: Qwantu Amaru. He has an intricate new novel entitled ONE BLOOD.  (*Love this cover too- very moody)

A voodoo curse tormenting a group of people unaware of their hidden connections.

Lincoln Baker, born a ward of the state, has gone from orphan, to gang banger, to basketball superstar, to lifer at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in the space of eighteen years. During his prison term, he meets Panama X, a powerful and mysterious father figure who gives Lincoln a reason for living – he must assassinate Randy Lafitte, the sitting Governor of Louisiana.

There is an equal and opposite action...
Lincoln orchestrates the kidnapping of Karen Lafitte, Randy’s only daughter. But Randy Lafitte is a man who built his fortune by resurrecting a family curse from slavery to kill his own father. A curse that may or may not have been responsible for his son Kristopher’s death in the gang crossfire that sent Lincoln to prison for life. Randy will stop at nothing to save his daughter, even if it means admitting the curse is real. Even if it means committing greater atrocities.

Too bad for anyone stuck in the middle.
Three days after Karen’s kidnapping, an explosive cocktail of revenge, manipulation, serendipity, fate, truth, and redemption detonates throughout Louisiana. When the dust settles, the ending is as unexpected as it is illuminating. There are secrets sealed in our blood, you see. The best answers, as always, lie within.

You can buy One Blood at your favorite outletsThe e-book is currently available on Amazon (, Goodreads (, and Smashwords ( for $3.99.

What book would he choose to live in for all eternity?

"The River God by Wilbur Smith because it would be fascinating to spend eternity in ancient Egypt with the knowledge I possess of the future and melding that with my ignorance of the past to create a new destiny in a new world!"

You can connect with the author at the following social media links:

Check him out!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Armageddon with Rae Lori and Ju Ephraime

 It's Armageddon. But be happy it's just The Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour. Besides, we have two great authors to spend some time with.

First is Rae Lori. Rae has written a scary  new novel entitled

Cimmerian City (Book 1 in the Cimmerian Duology)

A terrifying new vision of the future where science is big business and government is no more.

Greed can turn a good man’s heart to stone. This is especially true in the age of commerce and large corporations. No new pill can be taken without a laundry list of side effects that the patient may have to endure. But what if the side effects are more dangerous than the pills are helpful? What if the side effect causes the patient to be immune from standard dangers, such as firearms, the climate, etc., but causes them to change into otherworldly beings?

It is seen through the eyes of a young woman named Raven Blackheart.

It is a future where corporations rule the world and political parties have been dismissed.

An Earth that is recovering from a global war that has divided two races: Humans and Dracins, quick, tough skinned creatures that are children of the side effects from 20th century pharmaceuticals. Raven awakens in this world as a product of both races and nurtured by the vice president of the main corporation in the world as a symbol of the union of races. With her help, Vice President Tyler Deamond’s corporation can take both beings off Earth—quickly becoming a waste planet—and to a new terraformed planet. But, as Raven learns, nothing is as it seems, especially concerning humans.

You can buy Rae's book at a number of your favorite outlets:

If the world ended and she could live for eternity in a book, what would it be?

"I would probably leap into The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has lots of adventure, fantasy and magic that would be fun to explore. I've already played the online and PC games which is a nice taste of the world but hopping in whole hog would be awesome. :-)"

You can visit Rae at her website:, on Twitter:@RaeLori,
Facebook:!/RaeLori and follow Rae's blog at

Second, Ju Ephraime who's written an interesting new mystery entitled THE MAN IN THE BLACK TOP HAT

Thou Shall not covet they neighbor's wife.

When Syria Warrington came home one afternoon to find an old black top hat on her front step, being a lover of all things old, she did not hesitate to take it in to her home. But bringing this top hat into her home, unknowingly exposed her to the spirit that called this hat home. The strange happenings that began to take place in her home, from that day on, had Syria questioning her sanity, as night after night she found herself caught up in sexual escapades, the like of which she had never experienced before ... Were her experiences real or imagined? Was she slowly losing her mind? What was happening to her?

What book would she choose to live eternity in? 
"Lisa Kleypas, Again The Magic. England, beautiful estate, strong human emotions, pain, suffering and GREAT SEX."

You can visit Ju at her blog:

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The End of The World Really Isn't That Bad: Kim Koning and James L Hatch

'We're a day closer to 2012 and The Sun Stopped Shining Tour Blog Hop is in full force. Today I have two more fantastic authors who will answer the question: If you could leap into a book at the end of the world and spend all eternity there, what book would it be?

First is Kim Koning. Kim's YA dystopian short story: The Ring of Fire is included in an anthology of short stories entitled TALES FOR CANTERBURY 

"Survival can be achieved in the face of seemingly impossible odds, hope found in the most unexpected places, and new futures slide into view where once was nothing."

You can buy Tales For Canterbury as an ebook or in print at 

Please note 100% of all sales go to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. *What a GREAT cause. I applaud Kim for her generosity.

What book would she spend all eternity living in? 

"The Night Circus by Erin MorgensternI would love to spend the rest of time in the pages of this magical story. Without giving too much away...I would be a Re`veur. I would wear black and white with a bright red scarf. I would explore each magical tent in this story. An eternity of magic and fantastic illusion sounds like bliss to me. "

Find Kim online at the following haunts....

Open the gateway of darkness at:
She can be found Wrestling the Muse :
She can also be found on twitter @AuthorKimKoning

"I see ghosts and tell tales of their visits.
I write by the light of the moon and under the gaze of the stars.
Draw up a chair, light a candle, close the windows and let me weave you stories of darkness and gateways of light."

Second is James L Hatch. James has a compelling novel of contemporary fiction entitled AFTERMATH HORIZON 
The reason Adam and Eve’s children find mates in the biblical book of Genesis is revealed as the novel takes the reader far into the future by investigating deep into the past.

What book would James choose to live in for all eternity? 

"The Time Machine. I would love to know where technology might take us in the future, and the fate of humankind in general."

You can connect with James on Facebook and follow his blog: 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Book For All Eternity: Michael Rivers and Marissa Farrar

The Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour continues. Yesterday, I asked the question: if the world ended and you could leap into a book and live there for all eternity, what book would it be? Today I'm featuring answers by a few fabulous authors: 

First Michael Rivers who has a great new book called THE BLACK WITCH. 

The Reality of Illusion
It was the adventure of a life time. In an obscure marina off the shores of Maryland a schooner unlike any other ever built was discovered. Dorian and Diana Coe purchased the schooner and sailed from the shores of tranquility into the bowels of hell itself. Prurient tales of suicide, murder, and the disappearance of an entire crew were hand written within the ship's logs. On her decks sailed a well seasoned Captain and crew that never knew the schooner's shadowed past. The new owners ignored the words of men with integrity and sailed the Black Witch in the Spring of 1935. Into the realms of illusion and pure evil the ship and its compliment sailed never knowing the fate awaiting them!

You can buy The Black Witch at the following:

So what book would Michael live in for all eternity? 
"The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas because I love to plot and execute revenge and be able to do it with style."                                               

Visit Michael's Website  at 
 You can also visit Michael on Facebook at and 
 Facebook Paranormal Team
You can follow Michael on Twitter @Michael_Rivers aka

Second today we have Marissa Farrar. Marissa has written a page-turner called ALONE (Book One in the Serenity Series). 

Caught in a violent and abusive relationship, Serenity thinks there is no escape. Upon meeting a dark and intriguing stranger, Sebastian, she is shown the possibility of a different future.

Only Sebastian has a secret; he is a vampire.
As Serenity's life takes a terrifying turn, she finds herself drawn into a world she never knew existed; one of murder, love and immortality. She is forced to confront her own weaknesses to save her own life and that of the vampire she has come to love. But in the end all that matters is; can she find the strength to be 'Alone'?

Book title: Alone (Book One in the Serenity Series).

If she had to live for eternity in a book, which would it be?

"If I could live in one book where the world ends it would have to be Stephen King's 'The Stand'. The reason is because of the characters. I think I fell in love with Stu when I first read 'The Stand' as a teenager." 

You can visit Marissa at her Facebook page: or at her

Visit the other blogs on the tour by going to this link: