Sunday, February 7, 2016

Authors I'm Wild About - Kristen Ashley

Instead of just posting about my books, I'd like to use this blog to talk about some authors I'm wild about.

To qualify, these are authors whose books tend to read once and then re-read.

First up author, Kristen Ashley.

 I'm obsessed with her books right now. What a talented author. She is able to put in so much detail about her characters and their relationship the reader is immersed in their world and FEELS the relationship and love evolve between the hero and heroine. This is difficult to do and still keep reader interest. There are so many books I read that have too much minutia about the food the character eats, the clothing they wear, etc., but with Kristen Ashley's books, I love this detail and it isn't something I skim. I love her Alpha males and Spirited females. The level of sex is erotic to just the right level for me and not a lip curling ewwwww like some I've read.

 If you haven't discovered Kristin Ashely go immediately and get one of her books. These are my current top 5 in order:

 1. Sweet Dreams -

 Loved the development of this relationship. The hero was a bit of a jerk at the beginning but just enough to make his conversion to wonderfully loving alpha sooooooooo good. I've read this one at least 5 times.

 2. Ride Steady - I would love to have my own personal Joker. Sexy man who solves all my problems while giving me great orgasms? Yes, please!

 3. Knight -

Knight is a fantastic book boyfriend. Sure he's controlling, dangerous, a bit of an a-hole to some (but not the heroine), but he is oh so hunky and alpha attractive.  

4. Hold On -

 Who wouldn't want to hold on to the hero, Merry. He's an alpha with attitude like the other Kristen Ashley heroes, but he's also tender and nurtures the heroine. Their story has is perfect for me. It has a little suspense but the star of the book is the relationship as it develops between the lovers.

 5. Dream Man Series - Okay. This isn't just one book, It's actually 4. But these are all exceptional. I'm putting them in order of my personal preference.

Wild Man - A relationship that starts as an investigation and becomes more. Mmmmm. This is as yummy as the heroine's cupcakes. 

Motorcycle Man - Boy I had to force myself past the heroes's jerky behavior in the first 30 pages but once I did he more than redeemed himself. Hot!

 Law Man - This hero is a definite keeper. He doesn't give up on the heroine and takes on her foster kids. Great guy! 

Mystery Man - Okay. This one I had to work past the jerkiness of the main character for a while. But once he grew on me, I was definitely hooked in deep. He's a guy you want in your corner.

 There are so many more wonderful Kristen Ashley books I could mention, like all the Rock Chick books, but just go and check them out for yourself