Tuesday, November 29, 2016

From USA Today Best Selling Author, Patricia Mason, comes a thrilling new paranormal romance.
Sometimes death isn’t the end…unfortunately.

Jonah Morrison is a loner and an outcast in his small Georgia hometown and not only because he's the caretaker for their cemetery. He's been a bit weird ever since his parents were slaughtered by a serial killer. Jonah has a secret life his neighbors don’t suspect.

Belinda Cruz is drawn to Jonah. To her, the slightly geeky misfit is the human embodiment of the stray cats she tries to rescue. It doesn't hurt that he looks like he could model for an underwear ad. 

Not even Belinda knows what Jonah’s hiding on the cemetery's ancient oak tree or how he’s connected to the recent string of gruesome murders plaguing the town.

Belinda could be Jonah’s salvation. But the revelation of Jonah's secrets just might cost Belinda her life and her soul.
*Warning: Some scenes may depict violence too extreme for some readers!
Includes The Banshee and the Linebacker as a free bonus novella.

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