Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today there are some great Lunch Time Reads available.  And they're all FREE FREE FREE!

One Free offering is my short story prequel to the Amazon Kindle Romantic Suspense bestseller In Deep Shitake.

Shitake Happens includes two Shitake Mystery Stories:

 It Keeps Getting Shitakier - A routine surveillance might have just turned bizarre.

When The Shitake Hits The Fan- Desperate love turns to desperate measures when a sexy private eye is hired to find out if a man will cheat on his fiancé.
Bonus story: Joe and Florence - A tragic love story of Shakespearean proportions.

A Very Shitake Christmas
Two factors combine to ruin Mo's holiday: her boyfriends obnoxious father and a mad bomber out for revenge. You can find this 13,000 word sequel on its own or as part of a fabulous anthology with some other great stories.

In Deep Shitake  

Take one devastatingly handsome movie star.
Add one outrageously sexy female private eye with a penchant for food-word obscenities.
Mix in a dose of mistaken identity and a handful of Russian mobsters...And they're all In Deep Shitake.


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